PAWA Hierarchies

In PAWA Analytics, we use hierarchies to organise elements. We support 5 types of hierarchies. Once you setup them properly, you will be able to associate product and account to the hierarchies that make sense for your business. If some hierarchies doesn’t make sense for your business no problem, we can easily disable a whole hierarchy or some level.

Here is the list of hierarchies that we have:

  1. Customers (up to 5 levels)
  2. Products (up to 3 levels)
  3. Categories (up to 5 levels)
  4. Regions (up to 6 levels)
  5. Territories (up to 2 levels)

In this section you will see how to create and modify your hierarchies.

In the PAWA menu, please select “Hierarchies” and the hierarchy that you want to work with. From there you will be able to click on the + button to create a new root level, or on the level that you want to create a child hierarchy.

For example, if you want to create a level under Retailer, Grocery, LCL, Provigo, click on the + located on the Provigo Hierarchy to add a child under Provigo.

Please note that all hierarchy needs 5 levels. Once and only once the 5 levels will be created, you will be able to associate the customer hierarchies to an account.

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