PAWA Analytics

Find sales opportunities in a few clicks

Find hidden opportunities

PAWA will allow you to increase your sales by finding new opportunities hidden in your data. You will have access to a set of turnkey reports and dashboards accessible anywhere and anytime. Whether you want to track your performance by distribution channels or have quick access to sales of a specific product at all points of sale, it's possible in seconds.

Become information leaders for your customers

Leaders have long proven that information is power. With the new power and efficiency that you will acquire thanks to your data mastery, you will be able to capture the attention of your customers. Your representatives, account managers and all members of your sales team will be equipped to present your customers with growth opportunities, evidence-based strategies and tactics . Your relationships with your customers will improve with your sales.

Accelerate the circulation of your products at all levels of the supply chain

Products that sleep on your shelves or those of your customers do not generate value. With PAWA, in addition to analyzing your sales and shipments more efficiently, you can also analyze sales made to consumers in points of sale and sales of the competition . Save tens of thousands of dollars in integration costs and get the most out of the data from the big retailers you already pay for using PAWA's POS data integration platform.

Combine PAWA CRM and PAWA Analytics and boost your sales

Provide your entire team with a solution that will allow them to find opportunities, develop evidence-based tactics and manage communications and sales activities in one place


Why PAWA ?

Designed for sales teams

PAWA was designed specifically for companies in the field. You will not need to personalize it for months before making it effective. PAWA was created for and in close collaboration with experts.

Easy to use

All users will tell you how easy it is to use PAWA. It was designed to generate maximum value with minimum input and clicks. Unlike other CRMs, PAWA is not seen by representatives as a note-taking tool or a replacement for Outlook. They see it as a time-saving tool, which helps them sell more.


Your sales teams are not disconnected from your other departments, neither is PAWA. It was created by data integration professionals present in the sector for decades. Everything is in place in PAWA to allow seamless integration with your existing systems.

Offline mode

Lost in the woods or just outside the areas covered by your supplier? Don't worry, we have invested to allow you to work anywhere, anytime! PAWA can also work offline.

POS data integration

We already integrate POS data from most major retailers.



Dashboards and turnkey reports

Give everyone on your team access to reports and dashboards that will help them make better decisions. Stop wasting time in Excel and emailing your reports. With PAWA, you can focus and find the answers to your questions. Better yet, find opportunities where you didn't even know there were.

Hierarchies and data mining

Analyze your data from all angles and go from summary analysis and detailed transactions with just a few clicks. Thanks to the hierarchies by customer, by product category, by brand, by distribution channel, by territory and by region which are at the heart of PAWA, you will be able to navigate your data and establish an action plan to increase your sales.

Management of sales targets by customer, by brand and by business unit

In order to drive your sales to success, you can establish precise sales objectives for each of your customers, by brand and by business unit (or product category). Your team will be able to follow their progress against the established objectives at any time.

Analysis of distribution in points of sale (POS)

Your account, category and brand managers waste time in your customers' systems and in Excel files in order to analyze store sales (POS / Sell-Out). With PAWA, it's over, all of your customers' POS data can be integrated in a consistent, centralized and efficient manner into a platform designed specifically for this.

Sales and shipment analysis (SellIn)

Thanks to our API integration system, shipping and billing data can be automatically synchronized with PAWA. You and your team will have access to a set of reports and dashboards accessible at all times.

Data Zone

You don't have a development team or a budget to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in integrating POS data that you already buy from your customers. Just drop the files you receive from your customers into the data area and let PAWA do the work for you.


You already have information in your management system or in a data warehouse and you want to use PAWA, your developers will be able to collaborate with our team to easily automate synchronization with our APIs.

Market data and competition analysis

You want to compare yourself to the competition and you have market data. It is also possible to import market statistics into PAWA so that your whole team can make the most of this information.

Multiple fiscal calendars

You can configure multiple tax calendars in PAWA. So when you chat with a customer, you can analyze sales taking into account their reality.

Discover the power of PAWA Analytics