Optimize on-field sales activities and drive more in-store sales

Drive more in-store sales

We believe that sales reps should have access to all the information and tools they need to close more sales. We've developed a tailor-made product for sales reps who make in-store visits. Sales reps love PAWA because it's simple, easy to use and allows them to stand out as an expert in front of their customers several times a day.

Stop wasting time

Time is money, don’t waste it! We’ve worked with managers in the industry many years in order to create a solution that will help your managers and reps save time and avoid exchanging tons of emails and Excel sheets. Let your team find opportunities and sell instead of doing admin work.

Streamline on-field sales activities

What if you could schedule and organize the work of your sales team in a couple of clicks? PAWA let’s you do just that. Streamline your sales activities by creating targeted tasks and collect data related to sales procedures, incremental sales, promotions, competitions and more…

Extend PAWA CRM with PAWA POS Sales Analytics

Give your team access to best of breed Sales Dashboards and Reports combining POS data from multiple sources



Built for on-field sales teams

PAWA as been designed for companies. No need to customize it for months before making it yours. Everything in PAWA was created for experts and in close collaboration with them.

Easy to use

All users will tell you how easy it is to use. PAWA is built to generate maximum value with minimum inputs and clicks. Unlike other CRMs, PAWA is not perceive by reps as a note taking tool or a replacement of Outlook. They see it as a time saving tool that helps them sell more.


Your sales teams are not disconnected from your other departments, so is PAWA. PAWA was created by data integration professionals that have been in the industry for decades. Everything is in place in PAWA to support a seamless integration with your existing systems.

Offline capabilities

Lost in the wood or just outside the areas covered by your provider? Don't worry, we’ve invested to let you work anywhere, anytime! PAWA can also work offline.

Sync your calendar with Office 365

It is possible to synchronize your activities with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 to access the most important information on directly in your calendar.



Field sales operation planning

Plan and assign activities targeted to specific channels, stores and sales teams in minutes. Leverage PAWA’s task targeting module to manage incremental sales, in-store promotions, product launches, brand activation, in-store audits, surveys and more…

Visit scheduling and execution

Give your team access to all the information and tools they need to maintain an optimal retail coverage by managing store availabilities and sales cycles, easily scheduling their visits and connecting with the right client at the right time.

360 Store Review

Transform your sales representatives into business development experts by giving them access to store specific KPIs, personal objectives, notes/pictures, contacts, documents, activity tracking and any other relevant information.

Manage customer, product and territory hierarchies

Organize data as you want and easily manage distribution channels, banners, account classification, sales teams, territories, regions, product categories, brands, products and accounts.

Dashboards and Reports

Track progress and compliance using PAWA’s reports and dashboards. Give access to “at-a-glance dashboards” or drill into details with reports dedicated to analyse retail call coverage and surveys answers by channels, banners, accounts, territories and more…

Manage call and activity targets

Set goals for expected number of calls, incremental sales, activations and any other activities. Quickly identify high performers and favorize sharing of best practices among your team members.


Let your team use PAWA in the language of their choice. PAWA is already available in English and French and can be adapted for any other languages.


Always available, secure, requires no installation, no ongoing maintenance cost, updates included.

Offline capabilities

PAWA also works offline. Synchronize and go on an adventure. All the information entered in PAWA will be synchronized when you return.

Easy Integration (API + import/export capabilities)

Easy to setup and to integrate with any systems. Data can be integrated using PAWA’s APIs or can be imported/exported manually in the data zone.


PAWA can be adapted to your needs with easy configurations. There is virtually no limit to what we can do together. Contact us to know more.

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Our Plans


  • Accounts Dashboard
  • Contacts
  • Notes
  • Easy Visit Planning and Execution
  • Multiple Event Types
  • Territories Management
  • Field Operation planning
  • Activities Reports
  • On Field Survey & Task Targeting
  • Data Import / Export


  • All Silver features &
  • Competitive landspace
  • Photos
  • Document sharing
  • Client located on MAP
  • Custom Fields
  • Product Management
  • Territory Management
  • Account / Product / Activity Reporting on a map


  • All Silver, Gold features &
  • Store Availabilities and Classification
  • Public API
  • CRM Offline Version
  • Distribution and Pricing Management

What they say about us

"I moved from Excel to PAWA. For me it's a dream."
Melissa Cambell
"PAWA has changed my life for the better! I love all the information that I can now access quickly! And my clients too!"
Caroline Savoie

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