PAWA Forecasting

Plan, budget and forecast your sales

PAWA allows all members of your team to participate in improving your forecasts, your level of service and your profits

The cornerstone of your sales and operations planning (S&OP) process

Imagine being able to have access at all times to a detailed, unique and consensual demand management plan that allows you to reconcile sales objectives and the reality on the ground. Thanks to PAWA Forecast, your team will be able to communicate information clearly, quickly and precisely to all stakeholders (customers, finance, operations, logistics) in order to increase your profits.

Stop wasting time and become agile

Stop wasting time exchanging Excel files, reports and emails to update your forecast. When an event occurs, your account managers can update it in seconds directly in PAWA Forecast.

Measure and increase the accuracy of your forecasts

Compare your actual sales to your operational plan and your latest forecasts to assess the accuracy of your forecasts. This will allow you to determine a multitude of improvement opportunities in order to increase your level of service and better manage your inventories.

Your managers will shine thanks to the Promotions and Forecasts module

Promotions being one of the most determining factors on your sales volumes, the promotions and forecasts modules are perfectly aligned to allow you to '' optimize your promotions and while increasing the accuracy of your forecasts
PAWA Forcasting

Why PAWA ?

Easy to use and adopt

Just because it matters doesn't mean it has to be complex. PAWA Forecast is a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution. Your team will love this solution, which gives them access to crucial information to improve sales.

For field staff and executive teams

Members of your sales team will be relieved of the pressure of constantly providing forecast updates with the wrong and ineffective tools. As for the senior management, they will be delighted to see how this solution improves communication and agility within the organization.

Affordable and easy to install

Unlike other solutions that are excessively expensive, complex and require months (or even years) to implement, PAWA Prévision is a simple solution to implement that will offer you an excellent return on investment.

Measure the effectiveness of your forecasts

PAWA Forecasting


Collaborative forecast management

Allow your sales and account managers to collaborate in managing forecasts by customer, by product and by period. Each user can have read and / or write access to all or some of the customers.

Keep track of all forecast changes

Each change to the forecast is stored (as a positive or negative increment) so you can understand and keep track of all the decisions made by your customers and team members that influence your sales.

Quickly identify the worst offenders and adjust your forecasts

Thanks to the analytical power of PAWA Forecast, you will be able to quickly and efficiently which customers, which products and in which periods the gaps widen between your forecasts and reality. By developing more agility, you will be able to reallocate your resources to more profitable activities.

Be informed of expected income for the current year

By having access to sales data and forecasts in a consolidated manner, you will be able to know your anticipated income at all times. You can analyze these by account manager, by product category, by customer and even by product.

Easily create several comparative scenarios

Capture forecast scenarios and compare them to your operational plan, your most recent forecasts and sales. Use scenario capture to support your S&OP process and be able to notify other teams when major deviations from the plan arise.

Price adjustments by customers and forecast in quantity or dollars

Manage and integrate the present and future prices of your products by customers in your forecasts in order to know the financial impact of price changes. Easily switch from an analysis and a forecast entry in dollars or in quantity of cases / units according to your need.

Discover the power of PAWA Forecasting

What they say about us

"I moved from Excel to PAWA. For me it's a dream."
Melissa Cambell
"PAWA has changed my life for the better! I love all the information that I can now access quickly! And my clients too!"
Caroline Savoie