Release 3.1.4279

We are very happy to present you our weekly update. Here is the summary of the next version of PAWA that will be available very soon.


Small correction in preferences

In some cases, when you upload an image, it might fail to update. We have fixed this problem.


We have standardized the account review

We have standardized the sales, contacts, notes and orders tabs for easier navigation.

New interface for task template

We completely redesigned the interface to administer surveys in PAWA. A more intuitive and bigger interface on your screen.

Performance improvement in Business at a Glance

In some cases, the performance of the Total Sale By Period chart was not considered good enough for us. We have improved performance.

Improved Notes management

It is now possible to give access to certain users to delete notes that have been written by another user.

PAWA Analytics

Fixed an issue for reports

In one specific case, the report by province could fall into error. The problem is now resolved.

Adding Staples

Staples is now supported in the analytics module.