Release 3.1.4844

We are working hard for you 🙂 Lots of new stuff this week! Here is the summary of the next version of PAWA.


New “Call coverage” report

It is now possible to create custom reports with call coverage. Under the “Activity reports” menu a new “Call coverage” menu is now available. Configure the view as you want and save it. You will be able to save time and consult the report again with always up-to-date data!

New “Survey answers” report

Same thing here! A new “Survey Answers” menu is available under the “Activity reports” menu. Filter your survey and the questions to track the progress of your sales team. Save the view and see the results always up to date. No more need to extract in Excel … but if you need to do so, just right-click in the table and select “Export” 🙂

PAWA Analytics

Dashboards Improvements

We have delivered some improvements for the “Sales Review” and “Product Category Report” dashboards.


New advanced screen to manage customer hierarchies

It is now possible to move customer hierarchies directly into PAWA. You can create new ones, move them from parent to another parent, and even move down a full hierarchy. Ask us for more details to activate this option.

Change password improvement

We have improved the process for changing your password as well as the confirmation messages.

Menu – Hotfix

Some of you were having trouble viewing the entire “POS Sales By” menu. A refresh of the local cache was necessary. We delivered a small fix.

PAWA Forecasting

Improved TSU Sales import

We have developed a new screen to import TSU Sales with prices per customer.


Module improvements

We have made under the hood improvements for the CSM module. An oil change is always necessary 😉