Release 3.1.5212

Here is the summary of the next version of PAWA.


New “Product Sales Summary” report

A new report is now available to view all of the orders and flyers that have been entered in PAWA. With this new report, it is now easier and faster to see sales progress by brands, products and representatives.

New status management

It is now possible to manage the status of orders and flyers in PAWA. You can update one item at a time or do a batch update to save time.

PAWA Forecasting

Improvement of the price management grid

We now see all the prices for 2020 and 2021. The width of the columns has also been adjusted to make it easier to read the price evolution. If you want to see prices older than 2020, it is possible to change the filter to the right of the grid.

Hotfix: Forecast export

It was possible to get an error message when exporting forecasts. We have delivered an hotfix to correct this bug.


Improvement of the tab “Photos” of the account review

Last week, we completely redesigned the “Photos” tab of the Account Review to allow more search options and smoother photo importation. This week we expanded the area to drop photos to the full screen. It is even easier to put your photos there.

Improvement of the “Contacts”

You asked us and you receive! We have added the cell phone to the main grid of the “Contacts” page and of the “Contacts” tab of the account review. Now it’s even faster to access your contacts’ cellphones.

PAWA Analytics

Hotfix of the “Account ranks” page

It was possible that the page was not showing the accounts. We have made a hotfix to correct this issue.


Improvement of import services

Improvements on our import services have been made. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.