Release 3.1.5405

Here is the summary of the next version of PAWA.

PAWA Analytics

New: Walmart Ecommerce POS Data Support Pricing

It is now possible to import the new file format for Walmart eCommerce.

Improvement: Modification of the Amazon.Com.Ca POS import type

The import from has been changed to standardize the nature of the data imported. Previously the costs of the goods sold were imported, but now the total sale amount is imported.


Improvement in the tasks management

When a task was modified, the grid refreshed completely. We have improved everything to refresh only the modified cells.


Improved Photo Gallery

We have made under the hood improvements to the PAWA “Photo Gallery”.

New: Batch delete Accounts and Products

It is now possible for administrators to delete accounts and products in batch through administration..

Improvement when changing password

When the password was changed, the interface might not refresh.

Improvement: Documents modification

It is now to select several clients for a document.

PAWA Forecasting

Correction for price modification

When some filters were applied on the price modification screen, it was not possible to modify a price. We fixed the grid to allow editing with applying filters.

Improved import of TSU sales

It is now possible to import sales with credits without modifying the quantities.