Release 3.1.5702

Here is the summary of the next version of PAWA.


Calendar synchronization with Office 365

It is now possible to synchronize your PAWA activities with your Office 365 calendar. This option is available with PAWA CRM. Please contact us for more information.


New: Adding Tags to Pictures, Documents and Notes

It is now possible to add Tags on photos, documents and notes. It is possible to have a photo, document or note with several Tags. Tags are sort of “Keywords”, this makes it easier to search and classify.

New: Reactivation of accounts and products

It is now possible for administrators to reactivate accounts and products through the administration menu..

Correction of filters in the Photo Gallery

The Banner and Owner filters are updated when a photo is added.

PAWA Forecasting

Correction when adding / modifying prices

When adding or modifying a price, the current filters selection was not kept.