Release 3.1.6012


New : Feedback

It is now possible to send us comments directly in Pawa.

New: Added all levels of hierarchies in the Account Analysis and Account page.

It is now possible to add groupings for Banners, Sub-Banners, Channel, Sub-Channel. Contact us for more information.

Improvement of the view system

You want to change the default view for all your users? It is now possible to create your own view for all members of your team. This facilitates the configuration of a large number of users.


Offline synchronization improvement

Some files were downloaded at each synchronization. By adding this check, the synchronization time has decreased considerably.


Improvement of the CSM module

The CSM module has received a series of improvements, for more information please contact us.

New: Importing contact

It is now possible to import contacts into Pawa.

Correction on the visit form

It was possible, in some cases, to modify the dates of the completed visit.


New: Advanced Analysis Report (available upon request)

We have created a new advanced report creation tool. With this report, you can build your own groupings of data, in the desired time frame and even add forecasts. This tool is very versatile in its use, it will produce custom metric reports for your analysis needs.

New: Increment report page added

Nous avons ajouté une façon simple de faire des recherches dans les incréments, avec l’aide d’un affichage en grille et des filtres de date ainsi qu’un champ de saisi de recherche spécifique.

New: Add custom fields

It is now possible to create custom fields for your customers and TSUs, that will allow you to import all your important information.


Improvement of the POS “Account Ranking” report

A total redesign of the report has been done to integrate the view system as well as the display of the “Rk. Global” column by default all with an improvement of the report response time.