Release 3.1.6098

Here is the summary of the next version of PAWA.


New: Addition of the numeric keypad in the CSM module

When capturing quantities in the CSM module, a number pad is now displayed. This keypad makes it easier to enter quantities on computers with touch screens. Note that it is still possible to use the keyboard for the values.

Correction : In the Product Sales Report

Now “Create by” displays the full name of the person who created the purchase order.

Correction : Added translation in the CSM Activities tab

The status of orders and bulletins were visible in English, they are now available also in French.

Various patches

  • It was possible that some product photos were not available in offline mode.
  • It was possible to create a product on the product reactivation page.


Simplification of password management

Now all users can change their passwords themselves in case they forget them. When you log in, an option allows you to request a password reset. An email will be sent to you to proceed. Furthermore, when a new PAWA user is created, an email will be sent to him/her with his/her temporary password.


Improvement of the date filter in the activities

The date filter is now a date selector.

Improved notes tab in the account review

The text filter was faulty, a fix now allows text search in notes.

PAWA Forecast

Adding custom fields

It is now possible to add custom fields for “Account” and “TSU” in the forecast module.

How to use the custom fields

Category Manager API enhancement

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