The cornerstone of your sales and operations planning (S&OP) process

Imagine being able to have access at all times to a detailed, unique and consensual demand management plan that allows you to reconcile sales objectives and the reality on the ground. Thanks to PAWA Forecast, your team will be able to communicate information clearly, quickly and precisely to all stakeholders (customers, finance, operations, logistics) in order to increase your profits.

Stop wasting time and become agile

Stop wasting time exchanging Excel files, reports and emails to update your forecast. When an event occurs, your account managers can update it in seconds directly in PAWA Forecast.

Measure and increase the accuracy of your forecasts

Compare your actual sales to your operational plan and your latest forecasts to assess the accuracy of your forecasts. This will allow you to determine a multitude of improvement opportunities in order to increase your level of service and better manage your inventories.

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Your managers will shine thanks to the Promotions and Forecasts module

Promotions being one of the most determining factors on your sales volumes, the promotions and forecasts modules are perfectly aligned to allow you to '' optimize your promotions and while increasing the accuracy of your forecasts

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