Résolu – Centre de données réseau en panne

09/10/2019 12:10PM EDT iWeb’s network engineering team has applied corrective measures to restore connectivity. We are seeing most alerts cleared now.

If you are still seeing issues with your services, please contact our support team directly via an urgent ticket so that we may review your specific case.

iWeb’s networking team will continue monitoring to ensure that the situation remains stable.

We thank you for your patience and understanding through this difficult event.

09/10/2019 11:46AM EDT iWeb’s networking team is working on isolating an area of the distribution layer causing the problem. The work is progressing but we are unable to provide an ETA at this time.

We will continue updates consistently through the event.
09/10/2019 11:09AM EDT iWeb’s engineering team specialists are now onsite. The problem has been isolated to the distribution layer. Investigation continues at that layer to pin point and correct the situation.

We will continue consistent updates every 30 minutes.

09/10/2019 10:43AM EDT iWeb’s network engineering team is urgently dispatching engineers onsite to review the MNE routing equipment. This is to reinforce the team already there with the strongest expertise possible. We have an ETA of 10 minutes for their arrival onsite.

Given to a very high volume of calls, our phone system also may appear unreachable. Be assured that we are doing all in our power to process all support requests.

We will provide another update once more information is available or in 30 minutes.
09/10/2019 10:10AM EDT iWeb is investigating in highest priority an event at our MNE datacenter causing a network outage for a large part of our IP services.

As of now the cause of the event has not been identified.

We will provide updates every 30 minutes or earlier if the situation evolves.