Résolu – Incident réseau

For LIVE updates see : https://status.iweb.com/incidents/186736

10/03/2019 01:53PM EDTiWeb’s network team restored connectivity to the whole datacenter and is closely monitoring the stability of the network.

Customer still having issues should communicate directly with iWeb’s support team so that we may review your particular case.

10/03/2019 01:16PM EDT iWeb’s networking team has restored connectivity for most of the datacenter. Racks still seeing impact will be restored soon. At the same time, we are working on stabilizing the connectivity for those already restored.

We will provide an update once stability is confirmed for all or if the situation evolves.

10/03/2019 12:41PM EDT iWeb’s network engineering team continues to troubleshoot the network outage at our MNE datacenter and provided a new ETA for resolution of 40 minutes.

All hands are working as fast as possible to restore services to impacted customers.

Updates will continue to be sent out on a regular basis or as soon as the situation evolves.

10/03/2019 12:12PM EDT iWeb’s Networking team is still troubleshooting the event at MNE datacenter.

The issue appears more complex that initially anticipated and all step are taken to reach quick resolution. The initial ETA provided has to be revised and we will communicate it as soon as possible.

Further updates will be provided as the situation evolves and new information come in.

10/03/2019 11:50AM EDT iWeb’s Networking team is tracking an incident which is causing an outage in part of our MNE datacenter.

We have an ETA of 10 minutes to restore the service to affected customers.

As the situation evolves, further updates will be provided.