Optimize your promotional investments

Orchestrate your promotional investments in all distribution channels and analyze the return on investment

Plan your budgets and promotional activities

Manage budgets, activity planning and promotion calendars for the various products in your portfolio with your customers. Do not do this in Excel. Instead, use PAWA: an integrated and user-friendly tool that will make your team more agile and efficient.

Predict the effect of promotions on your inventories, sales and profits

Not only will you be able to predict costs and precisely document your promotions regardless of their types ("In-Store display, TPR, EDLP, Coupons, Circular, etc.), you will also offer your team a solution allowing them to document the anticipated effect of promotions on your sales.

Manage approval and review of promotional expenses

Allow your account managers and your payables team to work together to review actual investments and quickly see the costs and effect of promotions.

Evaluate profitability and optimize promotions

Use the full power of the PAWA analysis platform to assess whether your promotional investments really have a measurable effect on your inventories, sales, distribution and positioning with your customers.

Microsoft Excel should not be your forecast management tool.

Why PAWA ?


Easy to use and adopt

Just because it's important doesn't mean it has to be complex. PAWA Forecast is a user-friendly and easy-to-use solution. Your team will love this solution, which gives them access to crucial information to improve sales.

For field workers and executive teams

Members of your sales team will be relieved of the pressure of constantly providing forecast updates using the wrong tools and bringing them no value. As for senior management, they will be delighted to see how this solution improves communication and agility within the organization.

Affordable and easy to install

Unlike other solutions that are excessively expensive, complex and require months (or even years) to implement, PAWA Prévision is a simple solution to implement that will offer you an excellent return on investment.

Measure the effectiveness of your promotions

What they say about us

"I moved from Excel to PAWA. For me it's a dream."
Melissa Cambell
"PAWA has changed my life for the better! I love all the information that I can now access quickly! And my clients too!"
Caroline Savoie

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