Release 3.1.5011

Still new things. 🙂 Here is the summary of the next version of PAWA.

PAWA Analytics

Improvements in the “Sales Review” and “Product Category Report” dashboards

We have added security in the new dashboards to show only relevant information to users. We also made visual improvements, printing and optimization in the display speed of the “Sales Review” and “Product Category Report” dashboards.

Correction of % Change

It was possible to see rounding with several digits after the decimal. We have limited everything to one decimal.


Hotfix: Task Template administration

The effective date of the task template creation was not displayed by default and the dependent questions might not be displayed. It is now fixed.


Improvement of import services

Improvements on our import services have been made. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hotfix: Import and export of POS sales Target

It was possible to get an error message while importing the POS sales targets.

Hotfix: Account administration

It was possible to select a disabled banner in account administration. We have disabled this option.